Kogt Limfjordshummer – 500 – 750 – 1000g


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  • NB* Extra delivery time on the cooked lobsters. (2-4 days Monday-Thursday)
  • Durability: 4 days in the cold
  • Delivery: This product is delivered in refrigerated packaging that ensures cooling temperature for a minimum of 8 hours after delivery at your place.

Limfjord lobster from Venø Seafood gets caught in and around Venø. All the lobsters are caught gently with tejner or ruser, which makes the lobsters become more gently treated in the fishing process.

When the lobsters enter the plant, we divide them into 3 different sizes: 500grams, 750 grams and 1000grams.

During their time in the plant, the lobsters are fed pre-cooked cockles, so they actually put on on the period they are with us.

Limfjord lobster is an extremely delicious eat where you really manage to impress the guests.

At Venø Seafood we sell limfjord lobster in three different sizes – 500g, 750g and 1000g respectively. However, if a different size is desired, we can always be reached by mail or phone.


Lobster from limfjorden can grow up to 70 cm long and weigh up to 5 kilos. However, they are mostly in the weight class between 450 grams and 1200 grams.


Between 1 July and 31 August, the Limfjord lobsters are protected, as during this period they are spawning mature and with roe. This must be calmed down so that we can continue to eat this luxurious crayfish for many more years.

Lobsters change during this period also must, as there is part of its development. This also means that if a lobster should lose its claw, it can grow back out.


Lobsters turn red when cooked or by other heat preparation, such as barbecue.

Yes, your lobsters come out cooked and cooked!
“Can you really send me cooked and prepared lobsters?” We hear this question quite often and the answer is ‘Yes’. Our system ensures that your cooked Limfjord lobsters come to your front door in perfectly prepared and ready for dining. We ship our raw materials in a large flamingo box with cooling elements. We can GUARANTEE fresh lobsters at your front door.

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