Frisk Limfjordshummer – 1000/750/500 gram


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  • Caught wild
  • Sizes: 500g/750g/1000g
  • Durability: Must be boiled within 24 hours of delivery and refrigerated for a maximum of 4 days.
  • Delivery: Comes in a damp cloth so it calms the lobster.

Danish delicious limfjord lobsters

The fresh limfjord lobster is always a culinary taste experience that surprises and challenges one’s taste buds every time. The freshness, the dense fibers create a juicy and intense fish taste from the lobster meat, and we Danes usually munch these delicious flavors in us during the summer.


Limfjord lobsters, on the other hand, are protected between 1 July and 31 August, because during this period they are golden ripe and filled with roe. This requires a calmness to the lobster, so we give it this space so that we can continue to munch the delicious lobster meat in us.


The price of a Danish limfjord lobster comes in different sizes

As mentioned in this heading, the limfjord lobster comes in different price ranges, which also gives itself, since we sell them both in different sizes, but also because of course you can always order more than just a simple lobster.


We sell them in sizes 500, 750 and 1000 grams, where the price is reflected as follows: 299 DKK, 499 DKK and 579 DKK. In addition, of course, it is an option to order several kinds and in different sizes, so the price depends on these factors. The limfjord lobster is caught wild and must be boiled within 24 hours of delivery and then refrigerated for a maximum of 4 days.


Lobsters turn red when cooked or by other heat preparation, such as barbecue.


Why you should buy Danish lobster

When you want to buy live lobsters, choose the Danish ones. They are the freshest and you can be sure that they are trapped in controlled, environmentally friendly and healthy conditions. In Denmark, we are known to have 2 different varieties of lobsters – Norway lobster and the black lobster.
The black version is considered to be a specialty both at home and abroad.
It is the largest crustacean in Danish waters, and it is more exclusive than the Norway lobster.
A fresh lobster from limfjorden will offer world-class flavours. The seafood is full-bodied and rich in the delicious, bright and lean meat.


How much is a lobster?

Lobster prices depend on several conditions. Among other things, it is the size and type of the sought-after and tasty seafood that influences sales prices.
Due to the exclusive status, the price for black lobsters is generally higher compared to other editions. The meat in the black crustacean is more fine and more delicate than in the Langoustine.
It is an advantage to buy your delicacies online, since you can decide for yourself how large the shellfish should be. They can be selected in different sizes, so you get the décor needed for your event.


Serve Limfjord lobsters for your next event or party!
If you have a special event or party, the luxurious limfjord lobster is the perfect choice for your guests. It will definitely be the center of a memorable social gathering.

4 reviews for Frisk Limfjordshummer – 1000/750/500 gram

  1. Caroline

    Utroligt lækre hummer og en fantastisk hurtig levering lige til døren. Kæmpe tommel op!

  2. Irene Keller-collet (verified owner)

    høj standard hummer og en excellent og venlig betjening-.
    Vi anbefaler jer til bekendte.

  3. Pia Susanne Rosengaard (verified owner)

    Fik tilsendt en flot frisk hummer, som smagte pragtfuldt. Kom som aftalt. Kan kun anbefale Venø Seafood.

  4. Mona Nygaard

    Fik østers fra Limfjorden.
    Virkelig lækre, det er bestemt ikke sidste gang vi køber hos dem.
    De bedste anbefalinger

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